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Emerge Ukraine Pilgrimage 2024

Join us on a Journey to the Future's Frontier

The Pilgrimage

Ukrainian integral community in association with Perspectiva invites you to come on a pilgrimage through Ukraine to explore and imagine the world that's emerging in and beyond Ukraine.
The big war in Europe not only accelerated all trends but also led to entirely new hopes and challenges on the horizon. It’s a time to think and speak together about the future:

  • The future of education

  • The future of society

  • The future of security

  • The future of energy

  • The future of democracy

  • The future of money

  • The future of the past

  • The future of life and work

  • The future of religion and spirituality

To explore what is emerging, we shall go to the frontier where this is more clearly manifested. The sense of a system is clearer near its edge. Ukraine is a frontier of the free world with a sharp feeling of freedom and the future. We invite you to undertake a pilgrimage to the edge to feel into and reflect on what is emerging in the global world.


The event will bring together international participants and local members of the Ukrainian integral community. The official language of the event will be English.


The event will combine intellectual discussions (keynote speeches, World Café co-creation, reflections) with experiential activities  (tours, historic venues, music) and socialising.


Keynote speakers include:

  • Oleksandra Matviichuk,  Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2023, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties

  • Yevhen Hlibovytsky, Co-Founder & Director of the Frontier Institute

  • Mychailo Wynnyckyj, current Deputy Minister of Education, sociologist, Associate Professor at National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, author of "Ukrainian Maidan, Russian War" book

  • Volodymyr Yermolenko, philosopher, president of PEN Ukraine, editor in chief in UkraineWorld

  • Andriy Zelinskyy, catholic priest, a Ukrainian Jesuit, co-founder of Ukrainian Leadership Academy, military chaplain

  • Oleksandr Filonenko, PhD, philosopher, theologian

  • Georgii Kovalenko, PhD, philosopher, theologian, priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, rector of the Open Orthodox University of St Sophia the Wisdom


The most common itinerary included a flight to Warsaw or Krakow and a direct bus, car transfer, or train (with one change) to Kyiv. The organizing team will provide you with convenient options depending on where you’ll be flying from.


Other options include traveling by car (which could be long due to queues on the border) or traveling through Slovakia, Hungary or Romania (which have longer tracks and are convenient only for participants from the respective countries).

You shall cross the border at the points where, in February-March 2022, millions of Ukrainian women with children fled to Western and Central Europe from the war. You will follow the way of millions of Ukrainian men when coming back to join the army or to their jobs after bringing their families to the border.


We offer staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel Kyiv City Centre on Yaroslaviv Val Street. This 4-star hotel is 10 minutes by foot from the St. Sophia Monastery, the event's main venue.

Yaroslaviv Val (Shaft of Yaroslav) is one of the most attractive streets in the downtown area today, with numerous cafes and embassies. It appeared in the XII century as a road along city shafts installed by Kyiv ruler Yaroslav the Wise.


The schedule in a glance


Wednesday, Sep 25 - arrival of international participants

Thursday, Sep 26 - guided walk around Kyiv, grand opening

Friday, Sep 27 - group excursion to Borodyanka, keynote speeches

Saturday, Sep 28 - keynote speeches & co-creation session

Sunday, Sep 29 - keynote speeches, reflections, closing session & farewell

The schedule in more detail

Wednesday, Sep 25

International participants arrive and are accommodated. Free time.

18:00-21:00 Informal gathering & dinner for international participants only

Thursday, Sep 26

09:00-17:00 Walking tour in Kyiv (optional for local participants). Lunch in the middle.

17:00-18:00 Free time

18:00-21:00 Grand opening & dinner for all participants

Friday, Sep 27

09:00-14:30 Bus tour to Borodianka (optional for local participants)

14:30-16:00 Lunch in Kyiv

16:00-21:00 Starting day in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra: tour, keynotes, panel discussion, dinner

Saturday, Sep 28

09:00-13:00 “Intellectual” day at St. Sophia: keynote speeches

13:00-14:30 Lunch at St. Sophia

14:30-18:00 “Intellectual” day at St. Sophia: World Cafe "What is emerging?"

18:00-21:00 Dinner

Sunday, Sep 29

10:00-14:00 Closing day in St. Sophia: summaries, reflections

14:00-18:00 Lunch, cultural program, and socialising at St. Sophia. Farewell speeches

Free time, independent dinner, preparations for departure


Saint Sophia Cathedral


The cathedral was founded in the XI century with the ambition to glorify Kyiv as equal to Constantinople. It is recognized by UNESCO as a part of the World Heritage and is one of the few ancient Rus buildings that have survived until now. The surrounding territory with many unique buildings is a historic reservation, a venue for numerous cultural and spiritual events. The Metropolitan House, one of the later buildings on the territory, will host the event on Saturday and Sunday.

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra


Kyiv Monastery of the Caves, founded in the XI century, is a historic Orthodox Monastery recognized by UNESCO as a part of the World Heritage. For millennia, it was a leading centre of Christianity in Eastern Europe, a pilgrimage destination. The historical and cultural reservation with numerous museums and an acting Orthodox monastery coexist in two parts of the territory. Captured by the Moscow Church in the XVII century, the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra returned to the Ukrainian Church in 2023 and is now being revived.


Walking tour in Kyiv


Several small groups will depart from the hotel to slowly go around the downtown and see the major places of the city's ancient and modern history, including St. Sophia and St. Michael cathedrals, St. Volodymyr Hill, European Square and the Maidan of Independence (places of dramatic events of the Revolution of Dignity 2013-2014), Khreschatyk main street, Bessarabka marketplace, Kyiv National University, House of Teachers (location of the first Ukrainian Parliament 1917-1918), Opera House, Golden Gates, etc. The total route is around 6 km. Small groups of participants will have lunch at different locations along the way, enjoying the tastes of a multinational Ukrainian range of cuisines.

Bus tour to Borodianka


Borodianka, a town founded in the XII century, is 50 km from Kyiv to the West. In February-March 2022, Borodianka was on the main axis of the Russian advance on Kyiv, suffering from heavy Russian air strikes, shelling, occupation, and mass murder. In November 2022, a number of murals appeared on the walls of damaged buildings in the town, attributed to British street artist Banksy, who later posted images of one mural on social media.

Kyiv Maidan.jpg


The team will do their best to provide you with maximum safety. The war is ongoing. Kyiv is under attack from time to time, but the city is well protected by air defense, so there have been no major ruins or deaths since the air defense systems were deployed. Here is how we care about your safety:

  • The hotel has a shelter

  • All venues of the event have shelters

  • An early warning system application could be installed on your smartphones, and we shall keep you informed about all details in a chat

  • The team will provide you with permanent assistance at any moment.

Other details


Breakfast: at the hotel

Lunch and dinner: according to the schedule


The team will meet you at the railway station and transfer you to the hotel. The walking tour starts and ends at the hotel. A bus tour departs from a nearby location; these buses will return you to the hotel at the end of the day. The main venue, St. Sophia, is located 10 minutes by foot from the hotel. We shall go there together.


If you want to explore Kyiv's nightlife, you have free time between 21:00 and 23:00. However, please return to your hotel well before the curfew starts at midnight.


On your way home, you can spend one more day in Lviv, another center of Ukraine's history and culture.


The team will be available 24/7 for questions and assistance.

Join us on a Journey to the Future's Frontier

Pre-register now

Please fill out the registration form to pre-register to the event. More details will come soon.

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